Red Bones Song

Terry wrote a song about our architect about one year ago. He's never met the guy, he just wrote the song on the basis of how I described him. I turned it into a very low-tech music video and put it on YouTube. Just last month, almost exactly one year after it went online, the architect called and spoke to Terry.

He made chit-chat for a minute, then asked Terry if he could take the video down since it caused his clients to "raise some eyebrows" as he put it. People were finding the video while doing a search for the architect? It seemed unlikely, there weren't that many hits. Nevertheless, we took it down.

But I went ahead and censored the song, so it will no longer be associated with the embarrased architect in question. It has been renamed "The Red Bones" song, and I've added some blatantly non-artistic censoring of the original recording to obscure the first name.