2012 Wish Lists

It's become clear to me that updating my Amazon Wish List isn't going to happen, I really don't have enough time to find things then click on them. I might as well click "buy" and be done with it if I'm going to that much trouble. So instead, I'll post the family's wish list here. Bookmark it (or just type /WL2012 after my website url) since I'll just update this one post.

Me: electronic ukulele tuner, high-quality ukulele strings, two pie chains (to weight crust, I've heard one chain is not enough, but I'm tired of having to pour beans into the crust), a large colander with many holes and feet so it will drain well. The spa at ACAC in Charlottesville has free childcare during appointments, so any gift certificates would be easy for me to use, and I've been spa-deprived for the past year..., a glass nail file (I used to have one from Sephora, who knows where it is now).

12/1: OK, I know I said I wouldn't update this anymore, but when I was out shopping I did see several items I don't need immediately and can wait for. There is a silpada mat large enough for rolling out pie dough, flat rectangular metal measuring spoons (good for fitting in spice cans and they won't melt when I forget and drop them on a hot burner), and magnetic (stick on the fridge) kitchen timers at Bed Bath and Beyond. Although you could get any of these whereever, I don't care about brands or particulars. Also, I like citrus-scented sugar scrubs. The last one I really liked was by Arbonne in their Ginger Citrus scent. But again, any scrub with sugar in oil and any kind of spiced citrus (orange, lemon, lime, etc.) scent would be nice, it's so simple you could even make it yourself, brand doesn't matter to me. I don't care for other fruit scents, though.

Things Will has asked for: Cars2 DVD, large simple trucks (he wanted some we saw in Blue Ridge Eco Shop, I've also seen them in independent toy stores, they are about 14" long x 12" high and made of recycled plastic, I think), "lots of toys". Bubble bath but only in a LARGE bottle (think the size of a liquor bottle, who knows why he cares, but he does). I just got him some today that smelled like raspberries and he loved it (while hating a floral scent) so I'd go with fruit scents. This could equally be for Max, they both like bubble baths.

Things Will needs: size 3T winter clothes, 4T summer clothes. Although he is infuriatingly particular about what he'll wear-- he doesn't even like the Elmo pjs I got him. I'm returning FOUR new outfits he just rejected yesterday. So only get clothes if there is a store in Cville I can return them to if he rejects them, I'm not going to keep them just in case Max likes them in two years. Children's non-picture chapter books, like Charlotte's Web (we have Trumpeter Swan and Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland, but that's all) for bedtime reading.

Max: He's too young to ask for anything, but we need more basic sand toys, small pails and shovels mostly. Little cars and things to keep outside and drive through the sand. He wears 18M clothes and could use a few "outfits" since he's got plenty of play clothes hand-me-down from W. He has enough pjs. He'll probably be in 24M for spring. Baby mittens.