Why Now?
Years ago when web 'zines were popular, I maintained a website (Thorsense) in that format. When my husband and I started dual-city living, the site (and many other things) became too much to keep up with so I abandoned it.

Since then blogs became the more popular format and I started a few, but I wasn't particularly consistent. Now the technology has improved so it's less of a hassle to post blog entries; I can send a picture with a note from my phone or send an email from any computer and it's online within seconds.

It's also extraordinarily easier to post photos nowadays. I use Google's "Picasa" to organize my photos on my computer, and it's just one click to put them in an online album. And my new site here links directly to the Picasa online albums so I don't have to do any more work to add them to my personal website.

The end result of this technological revolution is that I can keep up a personal website again! Feel free to comment on any posts or sign the guestbook; I want to know what you're doing, too!

I built this site using Drupal 5.7. I'd tried the latest version 6.x but there wasn't enough support and documentation for it yet. Nevertheless, it took me a long time to figure out how to set everything up. I persevered since I knew a good set-up would make maintaining the site easier and that it what matters in the long run.

I chose colors based on Pantone's Spring 2008 fashion palette. I created the css "theme" for this page myself, but I used "Antique Modern" as a guide for placing many of the elements, and adapted the little calendar pages by my journal entries from "Barlow".

Now I'm using colors from

Now I'm using colors from Pantone's "simply elegant" palette.

I just started using

I just started using StatCounter because they are free and they don't put ads on my site. Great combination!

While the logs provided by drupal are pretty good, and some basic statistics are provided by my hosting service, I decided I want more information. It's fun to see what people are interested in, and it will help me make the site more interesting.

Free Website Statistics

I recently added a "favicon"

I recently added a "favicon" using this tool Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image

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