My First Tournament!

I finished playing the four competition songs for my first Guitar Hero III tournament, and went online to check my standings--I'm glad I did, since I'm in the top ten!!! Now, the tournament has only been open for an hour and a half so I suspect my position will fall as more entrants finish their songs--so I took a screen shot as a souvenir of my possibly short-lived fame.

And while Terry guessed that I would be competing against 14-year-olds, I suspect that the guitar player currently in first "dataguru1971" is probably, oh, let me guess, about 37? Some kid probably didn't use his parent's birth year in his screen name. . . Likewise, my competitors will probably guess that anyone with a screen name of "MrsThorsen" is probably not underage.

I've been playing other songs so I don't bore myself with only the four competition songs, but I still have some room for improvement, so I'll go back to them. We've got 24 hours to compete and our best scores on our four songs during that time are what the rankings are based on. To pull into the lead I've got to increase my scores by an average of 13,419 points per song. Ouch. I don't see how that will be possible since I've already nailed three out of four at 100%. But I guess I haven't hit all the "power" phrases in each song, so I'll try that. I suppose at this level every flicker of the whammy bar can make the difference between victory and defeat, so I'll try better.