Slightly Less Agony

My poison ivy was still too awful to shop this morning, so I stayed in until it was time to see the doctor. The rash has spread so much and gotten so bad she said she didn't think it was poison ivy. But I told her I was certain of it, and Terry got it, too, so she looked at his and since his looks normal, she agreed. But my rash is really particularly bad.

She said ordinarily I'd probably get a systemic treatment, but I can't do that since I'm breastfeeding. So she gave me a prescription for the strongest topical steroid. I put some on this afternoon, and then some more tonight. The rash still itches, but less than before, it's tolerable now.

I only went to two stores after seeing the doctor this afternoon, neither yielding much for me. It was pouring down rain, I was soaked and miserable. And by 5pm William was really fussy so we headed home. During rush hour. Not a great day.

I think I will take some antihistamines again tonight-- they really helped last night, although I probably took more than I was supposed to. I started with 2 pills at 11:30 after I fed Will, then popped another every time I woke up itching, which was 1am and 4am, and I took another after the 7am feeding. Now that I'm using the cream, I hope that I won't need as much. Maybe just take two to start with and with any luck I'll sleep through the night.