After the dismal start to our NY weekend, things picked up nicely. The steroids had fully kicked in by about noon on Saturday, so I was no longer itchy, and the rash started to subside. Just in time for our houseguests to start arriving.

The timing of everyone's visits worked out well, there was pretty much a steady stream of guests from about 1pm through 7pm. It's a small apartment here, so it was good that people didn't all show up at the same time. Nevertheless, it was a lot of activity for William and he had a little breakdown in the late afternoon. But he recovered in about 30 minutes and rejoined his own party. But we decided it wouldn't be a great idea to take Nora up on her offer of babysitting while we go to dinner. William was pretty much overstimulated so we dealt with him ourselves. But he did then sleep right through the night, so that was good.

Today was also a good day! First of all, the weather was lovely. We went to Mass at Old St. Patrick's Cathedral a few blocks from here, where the Fitzpatrick's go. We went to a nearby park with them and had a picnic brunch, then left around 11:30am. I had some shopping to do!

I spent a few hours in Loehmann's while Terry took William to visit Randi. I got about 80% of what I'll need to complete my fall wardrobe in 2.5 hours, for a song. I love Loehmann's, it's the best store ever. All I need to complete the season is a few simple tops, which I can probably pick up in Richmond if not Cville.

Once my shopping was complete, I joined Terry in Randi's apartment for the rest of the afternoon. She's on the top floor, there was good light, the weather was really nice. And William enjoyed playing with all the toys in Harper's room. He had his own ball pit. William was so cute in there! I'm tempted to get one for him. But Harper's room is much bigger than William's, so there really isn't room in our house for it. I think we should probably build a nice big playhouse out in the yard near where we're going to put the swings. Then William could have as many garishly colored toys as he wants, and he'd never have to put them away.

We got back to the LES in time to catch the London fashion show, but I only watched a little bit of it since it was dull to me-- nothing I would wear, it was pretty grungy, at least the part I saw.

The MTV music awards show is going on in midtown, but we're stuck at home with the baby, bleh. If I were a single mom, I'd probably drag William out at night a lot more than we do as a couple. Terry never was much for going out and doing fun things in the city, I used to go by myself when we lived here. Terry missed out on a lot of fun. I'd go out without Terry now, except that until the baby is weaned I still have to come home to feed him by 11pm. Ugh. Plus, Terry isn't very good at helping William sleep, so I'd feel bad for both of them knowing it was likely that William would just scream until I got home.

I've had time to rest now for a few hours, and am contemplating going out for a little more shopping (and could still be home in time to watch the VMA's on TV at least). But now that I only need a few more items to complete my wardrobe, the odds are against me finding exactly what I need, and I'd be tempted to get superfluous items that I just liked, regardless of their utility in completing outfits.

So I'll probably settle for going out to find some dessert for us. And a quiet evening at home on our last night in the city. I remind myself the virtual house-arrest is not forever, just until William is a little older and I'm not his only food source.