Finished Shopping This Morning

I got up at 7am to feed William as usual. But then I left him in bed with Terry and got showered and dressed, and was out the door before 8am. Century 21 opens at 7:45am, and I wanted to try to finish finding my fall wardrobe before we leave town. Really, I had to finish before William needed to eat again at 11am.

Another day of success! I picked up a brown skirt (yesterday I got all black and gray pants and skirts), and several sweaters, one black and three red. I've found there are a limited number of colors I like to wear, so I don't even fight it anymore. I wear black, chocolate brown, dark red, burnt orange, any shade of gray, and purple. Sometimes I'll find a forest green top I like, or teal, but that's about it. Oh, and fuchsia, I can wear some shades of that, too.

I wanted to leave by 10am so I'd be back by 10:30 in case William got hungry earlier than usual (which was smart, because he did). So I didn't have time to pick out any clothes for William, although I did see a thoroughly charming pair of baby dress trousers. But I wouldn't have gotten them, they were from Italy and cost $56, even with the discount. But I ought to make some for him, it would be fun to have a very well-dressed little man baby. I'll have to find some washable wool, and a pattern. The pants are styled like traditional dress pants in front, but they had elastic in the waistband in back. They looked easy enough to make, kids clothes sew up quick since they're so small.

I've got to watch William now while Terry goes to get the laundry (he washed the diapers this morning). We're all packed, must decide when to leave for the airport.