No Estimated Payments

I worked all morning to add up our income from all our various bank accounts to see what our estimated payment would be.

But it turns out, we don't really have much income this year. I guess I hadn't been paying attention to just how little interest is getting thrown off our savings accounts nowadays. I had assumed we were living within our means and not spending down principal, but now I'm not certain. We probably are not spending more than is coming in, because except for the cobra health insurance, our expenses are pretty low. Not that it matters, we're nowhere near spending down the bonus that Terry got last year. We'll probably make it well into next year before that runs out, and that's including paying to have the pond built.

But I am glad I've gotten back to trading, since the gains I booked just in September are now 30% of our total income so far this year. Not bad, eh?

Once I finish up our 2008 returns (I don't want to leave them until the last minute, they're due 10/15), I'll look into converting our regular IRA accounts to Roth IRAs. Our marginal rate will be very low in 2009, so it will be a great year to convert.