I Thought William Would Be Neater (Video)

Everyone has the photos and videos of their babies eating for the first time, and they're always very messy.

I always thought William would not be so messy. Surely that is optional, people must just choose to allow their little ones to make a mess since it's cute and/or just easier. But how could it be inevitable? It didn't seem natural to me.

Now I know. After feeding him a couple times now, I see the only way to keep the mess confined to his face would be to feed him while he wears a straitjacket. The bib is enough if he's only eating a spoonful or two, but it is inadequate if I let him eat until he's ready to stop eating.

I can deal with the food on his face, I figured that part really was inevitable-- babies need to learn how to swallow, etc., so food is going to come out onto their chin for awhile.

It's the food ON HIS TOES that I'm not thrilled about. He grabs the spoon, which I let him do since the childhood development books say that is to be encouraged. But he grabs it near where the food is on it. And he mushes it up against his face, which is covered in food, and that food gets transferred to his hands. And then he touches things, like his feet, and they in turn get covered in food.

I have decided that I will strip him and dine al fresco as long as the weather holds out. I'm not sure what my strategy will be for winter. I'm thinking about cutting a slit in the middle of a towel and putting it over his head. That would be large enough to keep his hands out of the food, also.

He finished his carrots today while we were at the park. I took a video. He is messy, but like all the other babies, it's pretty cute.