Highchairs Are Ugly

It's time to get a high chair for William, but they are all ugly. Ungainly, plastic-y, vinyl-covered monstrosities. It would only be appropriate for a dining room had you bought your dining set at Rose's or Kmart.

At first I was going to get the white high chair from Ikea. Simple, relatively unobtrusive. But with shipping, it would have been around $45 with the tray. So for about $10 more, I decided to get a wood restaurant-style one from Sam's Club. They only have them online, so I may have to wait a few weeks for delivery, that is the main drawback. But what's a few weeks wait when the chair is going to be in the room for several years?

No moving parts, no hard-to-clean crevices. Baby sits at the table like a member of the family. I can always sew up some fabric covers I can throw in the washing machine if I determine wiping the chair is too much bother. Some reviews I read online also noted that it was a plus when it came to dining out with the babies-- because they were already used to the high chair they were comfortable when they went out and sitting in the chair was never an issue.

It's the right height for our table-- if we leave the leaves closed then we can pull it right up to the table, if we open the leaves then it will actually slide under the table. I guess we'll see which we prefer when it arrives. My gut says that we might want to open the leaf so we can put a little more room between William's reach and our own plates, so he won't be indiscriminately grabbing the salt and pepper shakers, etc. We'll see.