William's First Restaurant Meal

I convinced Terry to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast by offering to drive. We were actually out the door by 8:40 am, and got there around 9. That would have NEVER happened before we had a kid!

So the whole reason I wanted to go there was to get a skillet meal (they cook up the usual breakfast eggs/potatoes/meat/cheese/veggies in a mini cast-iron skillet), but I was disappointed because they weren't on the menu. They only had them before since it was a special. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my breakfast, it was certainly easier than making an equivalent feast at home.

I ordered a side of applesauce for William, and fed him first while we waited for our adult food. It's funny how he makes an almost startled face when he tries a new food for the first time, but it's only for the first bite or two, then he's over it. He liked the applesauce, but didn't eat particularly much. I think it was because he probably wasn't very hungry, and we had him out during the time he normally naps. But he wasn't interested in napping while we were out. He didn't make too much mess eating. Got some applesauce on his shirt, but the rest of his outfit was still clean, so I consider his first restaurant meal highly successful.