William Ate ALL The Sweet Potatoes

While I was out shopping on Friday, I picked up a bunch of jars of organic baby food. William didn't much care for the green beans I made him earlier that day, and I realized I'm not going to have a variety of pureed foods for him right now. Like the green beans, I figure whatever food I'm preparing I'll throw an adult-sized serving in the blender, then spoon it into the handy-dandy baby food freezer cubes I got as a shower gift, reserving one to feed him fresh, the rest to freeze for the future. So in a week or so I'll have a variety of foods for him, but I'm not going to bother making and pureeing bunches of vegetables at once. So I bought them already pureed. I notice the prepared food is also pureed more finely than I usually do it, so it'll be best in the beginning until William is used to having food in his mouth.

I also read that you're supposed to feed the babies food first, then feed them breastmilk when they're done eating. Well, in the morning that's just not going to happen in my house. If William wants to eat at 7am, he's doing it in bed with me. We haven't been getting up in the morning, and when William is in bed with us he usually goes back to sleep also, which wreaks havoc on his nap schedule. He can't very well start his nap at 9am when he's basically been in bed until 8:40am when I'm more willing to get up. Terry and I decided we'll have to come up with a schedule that we'll be able to stick to ourselves, since William is pretty adaptable, more so than we are.

Although the morning feed starts out with milk, I do the lunch and afternoon feeds starting with food now. Around 3pm today we were at home, and I decided to feed him sweet potatoes. It was one of the smaller jars, but HE ATE THE WHOLE THING. It took him several sittings to eat a like-sized jar of carrots earlier this week, so I was surprised. He must have been hungry!

I put him in his stroller to eat (I have it in the dining room now), and he didn't get any food on it. The clean-feeding strategy I came up with is a success! I'll explain that in another post.