Moving Right Along-- Shoe v5

I revised the pattern again, so this shoe was made from the fifth iteration. I was looking in my scrap bin for something that wouldn't ravel as much as the red brocade, and came across some scrap felt. It's polyester felt, so while not exactly like the wool blend the final product will be made from, it's probably reasonably close.

This time I added a few more finishing touches to see how I like them. I noticed on the etsy shoes, they were always reinforced with an additional layer where they laced up, so I did that here. The edges on one side are pinked just because they were that way on my scrap. But I think I might prefer the more tailored look of having those panels stitched down, so I'll do that next.


I also tried using an overcast stitch in contrasting thread, but again, I think I prefer the more tailored look of a straight stitch. The felt won't ravel, so it doesn't even need stitching, except to hold the pieces together.


I used some raffia for the laces. It was a little bit more difficult to pull through than yarn, but it also holds better. I just noticed that the etsy shoes have only one or two rows of holes for the shoelaces, while I have five. The back piece only goes halfway down the instep, while mine goes almost all the way to the toe.

I don't think mine is quite as cute as the etsy ones, so I'll continue to adapt mine. But I found some black felt in the closet from when I made bat decorations one year. I might try making a pair using black and gray felt with this pattern version #5. Since they're less cute, more, I don't know, like boots or sneakers?