Panda Shoes!

Ta-da! The sixth time's the charm. I was going to make this prototype in black and gray felt, but decided to try out a more graphic look with black and white. At first I forgot to reinforce where the laces go, and as I was looking for some more felt I saw a scrap that was kind of a swoopy shape. I held it up and thought it looked good, so I cut a matching one for the other side. They remind me a little of pandas, so I'm calling them Panda Shoes. Now that I think about it, aren't pandas supposed to have black spots around their eyes? No matter. It's not a panda costume, just evocative of a panda.

The shoe was cute enough when I put it on William, that I decided the prototypes were over, and this would be one of his first pair of shoes. After church, I made the second shoe to match. William was asleep when I finished, and unlike before for his naps, I didn't want to risk waking him up for a fitting this time, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how they look on.

I'm not sure what outfit they'll go with. He's got a pair of black pants. I might pair them with a plain white onesie on top, I think that would be kind of a sporty look with these shoes.

Now I might take a break from the shoes to get back to knitting his sweater. More specifically, knitting another test patch with smaller needles to try to make gauge.