Very Productive Day!

I had planned to go grocery shopping after my exam today, but wound up being even more productive. The med tech called early this morning to tell me I could come in and pick up my new APAP machine. I got a new mask while I was there, one that hopefully won't leave any red marks on my face in the morning. My old one was irritating my skin in two spots, making my skin look funny and break out. I'm glad to cross that item off my to-do list, it's a nuisance to make an appointment and they invariably take forever to complete a transaction.

I also got a "gator" bag for our new tree--it only holds 15 gallons, so I'll have to calculate how many times per week Terry's going to have to fill it up. At the pet store I got a large bag of the specialty cat food I prefer to give my beasts, I got groceries that should keep me through the end of the week, I filled up my tank at the Sam's Club gas station ($3.11/gal, which was considerably cheaper than the next-lowest $3.15 I saw at the East Coast) and got two pair of shorts, a pink sweater, and a black knit dress in my new larger size (I own an almost identical one that's smaller and I'm no longer as fetching in it). I got a magazine about rustic country gardening, and a book about decks and patios. AND, . . .wait for it. . . I got


I had delayed getting the guitar hero for the wii since I heard a rumor that the rock band for the wii would be ready in February. Well, it wasn't, and I haven't seen it anywhere since then. And the guitar hero box I saw included a variety of snap-on faceplates in addition to the game and wireless guitar. So I had to have it. After that painful appointment this morning I felt like giving myself a treat for enduring it. And Michelle is coming over tonight anyway, so we'll get to play a new game! I'm really looking forward to it. There's a chance I won't be able to wait and will play it before she gets here, but I've got to straighten up and cook dinner so I'd have to either work fast (fat chance) or be a total slacker and not straighten up (much higher probability) to fit that in. But I have already unloaded the car and put the food away in refrigerator and freezer, so there's nothing critical I'd be blowing off, just some niceties. . .