Another Potty First!

I don't know why I am so tickled when William pees in a new place. But today he peed in a port-a-john. It shouldn't surprise me, he pees wherever I tell him to (if he's got to go, that is). But the kid doesn't seem to think twice. Pee in a big toilet, no problem. Pee on a tree, no problem, pee in a parking lot, no problem. Pee off the edge of the porch, got it. I don't really even need to cue him for his potty at this point, he knows to wait for it when we're at home. He was pretty interested in looking around the port-a-john when we went inside, but once I held him in place to do his business, he got right to it.

Does this mean he will never be one of those guys that can't pee in front of others at the urinal? Probably, although I wonder how long he'll hear the song in his head, "William can pee and poo, he can pee and poo on cue, William can pee and poo on cuuuuue, (kiss) Yes, that's you!" I still give him an extremely happy song while waving his arms around and smiling like a goon every time he goes on cue. And he smiles and blushes, it's adorable.

I read in a book that positive reinforcement is very important for potty training, and Terry and I take that seriously. It does seem like it's really starting to pay off. I haven't had to change a poopy diaper in a few days, he's been using the potty very well. True, I rip off his diaper and rush him to his pot at least four times as often as he actually has to go lately, but in my opinion, that's better than the alternative.