Pickles and Chicken

I'm feeling pretty lame that the only thing I have to post about is what my son is eating. But it's all I've got.

Yesterday, I was eating some chicken breast that I dipped in an Italian-type dressing. William was fussing, so I gave him a big slice of chicken to gnaw on, and to our surprise he loved it. Couldn't get enough of it. I'm not sure if he liked the dressing or the chicken itself. He could only gum it since he doesn't have teeth yet, but he did wind up gumming a bite out of it, and I guess he ate it since it just disappeared and didn't show up on his shirt or anything.

Later in the evening, he was fussing again while the adults were eating dinner, and the only thing that seemed reasonably safe to give him from a choking perspective was a big slice of pickle. I thought he'd take one taste and make a face and then stop bugging us for food, but in fact he loved the taste of pickle.

He gummed that pickle down to the skin. It was pretty strange, when he was done with it, all that was left was the cucumber skin and a few seeds dribbling down his face. He gummed the inside of the pickle enough to eat it all up. Kristen mentioned one of her friends gave her kids whole large pickles to gnaw on, and I guess we'd have to supervise less than we did with a mere spear, since he maybe could've jammed it down his throat if we weren't watching. So I'll put pickles on my shopping list. Hopefully I'll find some at Whole Foods that aren't chock full of preservative chemicals.