PVHS Reunion This Weekend

I was thinking about when exactly I was going to finish up our 2008 tax return, when I realized it wouldn't be this weekend, because I've got a high school reunion to go to! I haven't given much thought about what I'll wear, probably because nothing will make me look particularly good at my current size, so it doesn't matter. I might wear the same dress I wore to Terry's reunion last year, it highlights my legs, which are the most comely part of me right now. Even my boobs aren't much to look at in this phase of breast-feeding. Or I'll wear my amazing black knit wrap dress that so far has a 40-lb range where I can wear it. It was unwittingly the best dress I've ever bought in terms of usefulness. If I can squeeze into my full-body control slip, I might go with that dress. But I might still be too big for my power undergarment. It doesn't really make me look thinner, but it does give me the appearance of being firm. More like being a nice fat sausage than a jiggly blob of jello.

I haven't been paying much attention to my weight lately, having temporarily given up on cooking healthy meals while preparing for our houseguests. With Kristen & her family here, I was mostly concerned with having food her toddlers would eat. It turned out to be a valid concern on my part, they were pretty picky, turning down food I consider pretty normal and delicious in favor of more standard toddler fare. However, when I stepped on the scale a few days ago, I was several pounds lower than my previous weight. I fluctuate 2-3 lbs per day, but this was lower than that. I'll get on the scale again, but I think I might have lost about 2 actual pounds (versus that fluctuating bit which I don't consider either gained nor lost, just that my weight has a "range"), which isn't much, but considering I've held extremely, frustratingly STEADY since I lost weight the first month after William was born (than NOTHING since then), I'm hopeful it's the start of a trend.

My theory has been that my body was holding onto the extra weight while William was breastfeeding exclusively. That way, in case there was a famine or something, I could still feed the baby. But now that he's eating solids, he's breastfeeding a little less (he's still eating the same number of times per day, but some of those times he drinks less than he used to), so maybe my body won't be so obsessive about keeping reserves for him. He can always eat a pickle if he gets hungry now, he doesn't need me.