Attention Span of a Toddler

Actually, I have a SHORTER attention span than a toddler. I've been thinking about something that happened last weekend. Holden, age 3, was watching some PBS cartoon. I was in the room, and getting bored of it, so I asked him if he wanted to play video games instead. He said he wanted to continue watching the cartoon. I was so distressed at the boring-ness of the show, I had to leave the room.

Now I find myself getting bored with William's toys. He's got enough toys, I don't think he's really getting bored of them himself. We have a whole pile of toys for him, enough that he can play with 5 or more different toys per day, and not see the same one again until the next week. But lately I've found myself taking him into toy stores, and buying him more toys. It was only today that I realized I'm buying the toys FOR MYSELF!

William is content to play with anything he can grab; plastic food wrappers, bags of coffee, the cat, beer cozies, whatever. But I get bored so easily, I can't play with him unless the toy is interesting to ME. Fortunately, it doesn't take all that much to amuse me, so it's easy to find toys I like. I think it's more about finding things that I find aesthetically interesting than finding things of any particular sophistication.

My favorite toy so far is the Skwish Classic. Shenanigans was offering 30% off any toy to celebrate their 30th birthday (or was it 35% for the 35th anniversary of the store??), so I took William in to take advantage of that. I walked around with him and held toys up for him until I saw his eyes light up. And the Skwish Classic was the winner. He seems fascinated by it, but that's understandable since I am fascinated by it. Plus I like the sound it makes. A gentle whooshing sort of noise when the balls slide over the rods. Softer than clicking, but still distinct.

FYI-- I'm finally getting around to adding links for products. I've had an Amazon Associates account since I hosted the website for my book club, but haven't bothered using it in years. But now that traffic to my site is picking up, I'm setting up product links. Frequently I include links already when I mention or especially review something, but now it'll link directly to an e-store. It's not that I care if anyone buys the stuff, but it's convenient since this way you can see the photo without having to click away from this site, and without me having to specifically find and upload and link a photo, etc. Plus I've noticed that most strangers find this site through the reviews, and they probably ARE looking to buy things.

So here's my current favorite toy: