My favorite baby toy so far is the Skwish Classic. I took 5-month-old William around the toy store and held toys up for him until I saw his eyes light up. And the Skwish Classic was the winner. He seems fascinated by it, but that's understandable since I am fascinated by it. Plus I like the sound it makes. A gentle whooshing sort of noise when the balls slide over the rods. Softer than clicking, but still distinct.

I also like to hold it by the elastic and shake it-- it bounces really fast, and all the beads and rods jiggle around. And if I'm bored, I push the rods under the elastic bands in different directions to force the Skwish into various shapes.

I briefly considered the Skwish in natural wood color, but it seemed a little dull. The classic colors are pleasing to me, and I like that complementary colors are used together. The toy can be educational for color theory once William is old enough to understand that. Until then, the complementary colors serve to create a toy very eye-catching and vivid to observe.

Another plus is that it's very light, so William hasn't hurt himself with this, despite the fact that he whacks himself in the face with the toy when he's playing with it. And it's very easy for him to hold-- he'll hold it and look at it, and turn it over and around in his hands. I love how he looks so contemplative when he's playing with this, it's adorable. It makes me wonder what thoughts are going through his little baby head.