We MUST Find A Sitter

I am so depressed to be missing the U2 concert tonight. Terry and I discussed it when tickets went on sale before William was born, but decided to not get tickets at that time since we didn't know what it would be like having a baby.

It didn't sell out until recently, we could've gotten tickets if we would've found a sitter. Unfortunately for me, Terry was adamantly against getting a sitter for William until just 3 1/2 weeks ago when he actually met the girl I had in mind. But a few days after that we went to NYC, then were only home a week before his sister & her family came to visit, so we didn't have much time to set up the first "sit", since we both are in agreement that leaving for a concert, even in the same town, isn't the ideal time event for William's first babysit, since we wouldn't be keen on leaving early, and with traffic, etc., probably wouldn't be home until after midnight. Better to leave him first while we go out to dinner, here in Crozet, where 1) we won't be out too late, and 2) we're only 10 minutes away in case William freaks out and we need to come home.

We're going away this weekend, so William will get his first non-grandparent "sit" when my sister watches him while we're at my reunion. Still, she's family, so it's not exactly the same. But maybe I'll set something up for the next week. I'm getting anxious to get some of my life back.