I Found Another Dress!

As I was rifling through my closet looking for a cocktail dress to wear to the reunion, I found one I forgot I had! I kept most of my party dresses in NJ since we dressed up way more often going into NYC than into Charlottesville. So with all the dresses up there in that closet, it was easy for me to forget what I had in inventory.

This one is black, and covered in sparkles. It has spaghetti straps, and so isn't terribly flattering from an upper-arm perspective. But it's not clingy, so that's a plus. I tried on my usual black dress, and while it would do, it IS clingy and my full-body support slip is indeed too small for me (as I suspected) and so I get little bulges around the bra straps in back. Uncool.

Terry thinks my cocktail dress might be too dressy. I'm not sure about that-- it's certainly not appropriate for a formal event since it's above-the-knee. To me, that makes it exactly right for a semi-formal or cocktail party. And the reunion IS at night, it wouldn't be appropriate for a daytime event.

On the other hand, from an etiquette standpoint it's best to dress like others are dressing, regardless of the "official" dress code designation. And if you're unsure, it's better to be a little under-dressed than a little over-dressed. So if my fellow classmates interpret "cocktail attire" as "smart casual" than I should resort to the clingy black dress, or perhaps put together a polished outfit from some of the separates I got on my last shopping trip. But if everyone interprets "cocktail attire" as "semi-formal", then my sparkly dress is in.

I put the query on my facebook status, hopefully someone will see it and respond before I leave town tomorrow afternoon.