Painful Exam is Over

I had an HSG this morning, and I'm glad that's over with. It involved holding still and suffering through some painful cramping while my uterus was being x-rayed. Fortunately, the painful part didn't last too long, although I had minor cramping for hours afterwards. It was a good news/bad news result: the good news is that my uterus was not malformed by DES and my fallopian tubes are good. The bad news is that there may be polyps on my uterine wall that could be preventing any embryos from implanting themselves. I had one removed a few years ago, but it didn't help at the time. I'm going in for another test tomorrow (I think it's an "SIS" but I don't remember) which the doctor promises will be painless. It will more clearly show if the dark spots in the X-ray are indeed troublesome polyps. If so, I'm not looking forward to another laparoscopy. It took me weeks to fully recover from the first one, I was bedridden for days since it just hurt too much to walk around, and after that I was sore and my range of motion was limited until the wound healed and I got my stitches out.