Party Like It's 1989

What a great time I had at my high school reunion!! I expected to have a pleasant evening, but instead it was totally off the hook. I had to go up to our hotel room and feed William around 11pm, so the party was still going strong when I left. I had no idea HOW strong until I checked facebook today, and heard that everyone was having such a good time they didn't want to go home and the hotel had to call the cops to break up the party. Just like old times!! One of my classmates put it very well on his fb status, "it's nice to see nothing has changed in 20 years. We can STILL throwdown like rock stars."

I think our graduating class had the ignominious distinction of having the lowest cumulative GPA in the school's history at the time. No one went on to an Ivy League school at all. We did, however have the State Champion football team.

For our senior skip day we weren't content to merely skip school, someone hosted a raging party. I remember drinking liquor out of a teacup since all the glasses were already in use. Of course, the cops had to bust that one, too. I forget if I got suspended for that incident, or for when the German club got busted for hauling out suitcases full of liquor for a hotel party on a field trip. Our story, "the people in the room before us must have left it here, we just found it" didn't fly. The cop pointed out we were in a dry county. Whoops. It's possible I received my suspension for another reason, I don't remember. I got away with plenty, it's a wonder I only got disciplined once.

Rebecca babysat while Terry and I were at the reunion. When we came back upstairs, she was incredulous that Terry had not taken advantage of the situation to get people to talk and tell wild stories from my youth. I got to hear all kinds of stories about HIM when I went to his reunion last year. I think he only heard a few very innocuous anecdotes about me. Yay! Not that Terry isn't aware I have a lawless streak-- we were in fact breaking the law the night we met. But we're so lawful now, it's pathetic. It's terrible what having earned assets does to one's sense of irresponsibility, it shrivels and disappears. So I'm pretty glad I lived it up when I was young and had nothing to lose. The brain cells may be gone, but the memories are mine to keep.