I KNOW It's Repetitive, I Need To Write A Book

Terry says I should start taking photos and make a book titled "Peeing All Over The World". But William had another first today, so I'm blogging about it, deal with it.

He peed standing up! We've gotten into a little routine now that the weather has been so lovely that I spread out a big blanket in the meager shade of our front oak tree around 3pm and play with him out there for an hour or two. I'm not productive with any of my own interests in the late afternoons anyway, so I have the patience for playing with the baby then, it's a nice break for both of us.

He was showing signs of having to go, but I didn't have a potty out there with me, and I was frankly too lazy to stand up and hold him in front of me like I usually do when we're outdoors. I just unsnapped his pants, held them up around his chest, and stood him just off the edge of the blanket facing out. Of course he's not standing on his own yet because he can't balance, but he bears his own weight and I just keep him from falling over, which I can do while sitting. And he seemed a little surprised that I was cueing him while he was standing instead of in his usual potty position, but he went on cue, didn't even get any drops on his socks.

Very exciting news, no?