On The Verge Of Mobility

William is getting close to being mobile. Although he's been able to roll over for a while now, he's just now able to control it well. It's fun to watch him on his play mat, rolling this way then that to get to the different toys. He's even figured out how to roll off the mat completely-- previously he was bounded by the overhead bars where they were attached at the corners. Today he wiggled around until he was clear of them, then rolled off the mat to get another toy.

He's not crawling yet, but we did see him go up on his knees for the first time this morning. He tucked his knees in to raise his belly, and he pushed his arms up to raise his belly, but not at the same time. As best I can determine, he gets around just by flailing. He flaps his arms and kicks his legs wildly, and it moves him a few inches. I don't think he controls his direction well yet, he just flails until he reaches a toy.

He's also enjoying his Johnny-Jump-Up more. Today when I put him in there, he was using his legs to actually go in the direction he was looking (he wanted to inspect the door hinge). And he's started to use the thing to actually jump, instead of just spin around. He's not catching air, but he's definitely bending his legs to make himself go up and down, you can hear the spring squeaking in the jumper.

I wonder if he'll master sitting before crawling. He's been able to sit for a few seconds for some time now, but still falls over in less than a minute. Although he's fine with support, like in a Bumbo. In fact, he usually doesn't like to sit still for long in the Bumbo, he arches his back and tries to get out. It could be that he could sit up for longer if he wanted to stay in one place, I suspect one reason he falls over is because he's trying to go somewhere else.