Federal Taxes Done (for 2008)

Terry finally motivated me to finish the 2008 taxes with a pep talk. He told me if he spent all afternoon watching William, and he comes back and finds out that I have not made any progress on finishing the returns, he would become Mr. Furious. You know, like from the movie Mystery Men. I chose to avoid that, and thus finished the taxes.

Well, I finished the Federal joint return. I still have to check the married-filing single returns to make sure the income and deductions total the MFJ return. I don't file the separate returns, but I have to complete them in order to file separate state tax returns. I'll have to do NY, NJ, and VA. Although for 2008, I don't think I'll have to file a joint return for NY (just a separate one for Terry) since I haven't worked for Sungard since 2007, and so have no nexus in NY for 2008.

I guess tomorrow I'll start work on the state taxes. I agree with Terry that it's not something i want to have to stay up all night on the 14th to finish. And it's not horrible if I just work a few hours each day.