Still Don't Have Entry Links For GAP Photos

Baby GAP is having a casting call for babies, so I entered some photos of William. I learned from the last cute-baby contest I entered the importance of entering a head shot capturing a cute expression, so I did that this time.

It was overcast on Tuesday, which is good portrait weather, so I took William outside for some photos. I took well over 100, then narrowed it down to a small handful I liked best. I put them on facebook to get feedback from my friends. I think most people only looked at 3 of the 7 photos based on the way facebook displayed the album summary in the feed.

Initially, I thought I would only submit one photo, since votes for each photo of a child aren't tallied together to determine the fan favorite. So more photos of the same child could dilute the results. But I couldn't figure out the way the submission form was cropping the photos at first, so the first one I entered wasn't cropped right. So I had to enter it again.

I reread the contest rules, and I'm pretty sure that the top 20 finalists are not chosen by popularity vote, they are picked by a panel of judges from all the submissions. As long as I don't care about William being the fan favorite (I don't), it doesn't seem to be detrimental to enter multiple photos of him. So I did. I entered four photos, but still could enter one more. I'm leaving that open in case I want to dress him up and take photos of him another day. But I don't know that I'll get around to that.

I would just link to to GAP gallery, except I haven't received my photo link yet! It seems to be taking them a long time to process William's photos, but it's not near the deadline (10/22) so there's plenty of time. They already have entry numbers assigned, anyway.

So here are the photos I submitted, and also a few more for your enjoyment:

The twenty finalists have to go to San Francisco for a photo shoot from November 15th through 20th. I figure the odds are long that William gets picked, but I've noted the dates on my calendar, just in case. If you can't go to the photo shoot, you're disqualified. And I wouldn't want that to happen. I think it would be fun if William's happy little face was up in every GAP store around the country next year. We'll have to wait and see if the judges agree. . .