I stayed up too late!

Darn it, I stayed up too late since I've got to leave for a doctor appointment early tomorrow morning. But I've actually been making such good progress creating my new website I didn't want to stop!

After well over a week of excruciatingly slow progress and much frustration, I've finally learned how to

  • cut certain bits from my graphic design snapshot so they can be repeated and elements can be dynamically resized yet still look nice
  • query the SQL database tables to pull the information I want about various posts
  • embed html codes within a php script so I can present the information online

and I sort of learned how to identify what css settings control different elements on the website. I say "sort-of" learned since I can fix most things that I want changed, but since I don't understand how everything "nests" I'm probably doing more sheer overriding than necessary, and I can't really publish my theme for others to use since there's probably lots I forgot to update if I'm not using those particular sections (like a forum, etc.).

But I'm really happy with my progress, the end is in sight, and I should be able to go live very soon. Maybe even by this weekend! It will depend on how hard it is to set up a database where my website is hosted, I've never done that before.