Sorority Life Costume Contest

One of the things I like about facebook is the games. Terry can't understand why I like most of them, they don't require much thought. But I think that's the point. When I want to take a break, I don't necessarily want to challenge myself very much. So I play Sorority Life.

I won't get into the gameplay details, but the basic gist is that you have a sorority girl character, and you throw parties and accumulate clothes and accessories and move up through the levels. I've been more into the pirate game (very similar, just different graphics basically), so I haven't logged into Sorority Life in a while. But I'm glad I took a few minutes to read the game news when I did-- they are having a costume contest. Anyone can submit images of Halloween costumes, and the winner gets 200 brownie points. This is meaningless in the real world, but it's a big deal in the game.

Inspired by William's cute tiger outfit, I made one for the avatar. Wish me luck!