Making Baby Food

Since William has been eating baby food like it's going out of style, Terry prodded me to make some more. So yesterday I read through the baby food cookbook, and got a bunch of ingredients at the Whole Foods on the way home from Bunko.

Everything for the first two "stages" of eating seems pretty straightforward. I'll be using a lot of grains that I don't ordinarily use-- quinoa, barley, millet. The only thing that I thought was odd was the baby stock.

Traditionally, one makes stock with chicken, carrots, onions, celery, and parsley. And whatever else you want to throw in for flavor, I forget what other herbs are in the traditional recipe, I just use what I have on hand.

But the baby stock calls for asparagus, leeks, and sweet potato. Those strike me as bizarre ingredients for stock, but I'll give it a try. At least for the baby stock the vegetables don't get tossed at the end, you can use them to make baby puree.

I made more baby oatmeal this morning. We're out of raisins, so I added banana. William likes it. Maybe I'll add applesauce to the next batch-- he's got enough of the banana oatmeal to last two more days, then I'll have to make more.