Back To Dr. Phil

I started re-reading my Dr. Phil book, the Ultimate Weight Solution, and there was a whole bunch of stuff that I forgot.

I had to take a few minutes to figure out how I got from being stable at my goal weight for four years to where I am now, the same weight I was when I started the Dr. Phil method in 2003.

It didn't take me long to figure out what happened, and I'm surprised I hadn't put it together before now. Dr. Phil's method is only partly changing what you eat, it's also about changing what you think. And I had it down, I used to make all "healthy choices" and stayed slim. Where along the way did I lose that mindset?

When I got on the prescription drugs, that's when. Ritalin not only sped my metabolism up to the speed of a normal person (it is naturally pathetically slow), it also suppressed my appetite. So I could maintain my goal weight without making healthy choices. Since I was only eating healthy for aesthetic reasons, not actual health reasons, it was easy for me to go back to my laissez-faire ways.

And when I had to get off the speed when I got pregnant, all the weight I lost originally in 2003 came back right away-- before I was supposed to gain weight from being pregnant, I was gaining weight. From this perspective, I didn't really gain 52 lbs from the pregnancy. I gained 16 pounds from going off the meds, then I gained 36 pounds from the pregnancy.

Regardless, I hate the way my joints creak under the extra weight, so I'm getting back on the Dr. Phil bandwagon. Since I can't get back on the ADD meds until I'm done breastfeeding, and that's probably another 6 months at least. And I can lose a lot of weight in 6 mos the Dr. Phil way, so I might as well get in gear and just do it. I have enough large clothes to get me through the winter, hopefully by spring I'll be back into the size 8s and 10s I have packed away. Eh, I haven't worn them since summer 2007, they might not be in style when I dig them out next year. I've already started pulling out sweaters from winter 2007 and they're partially felted or pilly or otherwise unwearable. Unwearable by me, that is, I can probably craft them into baby clothes. William isn't as picky about that sort of thing. He spits up over all his clothes whether they're nice or not.