Two Audits At Once

Oh joy. Not only am I now in charge of managing the audit of AFS's old tax return, I just got a letter in the mail today that Terry's and my personal return will be audited.

For anyone who has not suffered through a tax audit, it's more a nuisance and a time suck than anything difficult (assuming you did pay your taxes, which we did). Tomorrow I'll gather the data requested by the agent for the corporate audit. They always request so much documentation for the corporate audits, it's a real chore to gather it for them, and we no longer have employees we can make do it for us. Grrrr. And the agents aren't exactly the best and brightest. Accounting for a software company involves some very technical and specialized concepts, and sometimes the agents just don't "get it" no matter how many times you explain it. I've learned to ask for a supervisor as soon as I hit a wall with the staff agent. Hopefully the guy we're assigned has half a brain and speaks English, the last lady we got was right off the boat from Russia, and so clueless I think the supervisor eventually did take over her case for us. Of course I didn't have to deal with her that much, since we were still in business during the last audit, and we paid our tax accountants to deal with it. Now that AFS is defunct, the partners are being cheap and doing it themselves. Well, kind of. Doing it themselves really boils down to me taking care of it. Sigh.

The personal audit I hope won't be as arduous. I've got a pretty good idea why NY chose to audit us, and hopefully that'll go away once they see a copy of my VA tax return. But I haven't actually read through their request yet (I just got the letter in the mail and went straight to bed in despair). Just when I finish our own taxes, I get NO BREAK AT ALL before these @#$# audits get piled on my head.

Is there a silver lining? Not that I can think of now. Although I've been through so many tax audits in the past 10 years, at least I have experience, and it doesn't stress me out so much as depress me because I thought I was done with taxes for a few months.