Chocolate Chip Pancake Breakfast

I tried to get Terry up at 8am this morning so we could go to the chocolate chip pancake breakfast at the chocolate festival downtown today. I had already been up for an hour, feeding and playing with William. But Terry refused to get up. He whined that he stayed up too late last night, he wasn't expecting to have to wake up early. He told me the chocolate festival was going on all day (I corrected him that it would be over at 2:30pm) and we could leave at 9:30am. But I wanted the chocolate chip pancakes.

Then he told me I could just make my own and we'd both be happy. That happiness didn't sink in for me quite as quickly as it did for him, however. He got to roll over and go back asleep, and I had to go downstairs and make pancakes.

But I did, he's right it's not that big a deal for me to make them myself. And after eating a whole mess of them, I was feeling quite happy. I fed William some pancake without chocolate chips. I haven't been pureeing his food the past few days, but rather tearing it into small bits or fork-mushing it. He's eating it all fairly well. Sometimes I have to sneak a peek when he's got his mouth open to make sure he's swallowed the first food before I add more, but he's getting the hang of gumming then swallowing.

After eating the pancakes at home, I no longer felt like going to the festival. It was a really dreary day, and I wasn't hungry anymore. So I started to gather tax info for the audits.