Where Were YOU in 2006?

Alas, tax-data gathering will be more complicated than I originally anticipated. I thought I had all the information I needed for the AFS audit on my home laptop, except I only have full data through May 2006. The last seven months are on the server at the office. Or at least, they WERE on the server at the office before Sungard bought the company and moved the office. I don't know where the data is now. I thought the data was on my laptop because I did a lot of the work for the closing from my laptop. But I guess I forgot that I mostly logged into the office remotely from home, and ran everything from the office computer using PC Anywhere. So I pulled together the three things for the AFS audit that I did have, and will have to wait until Monday to work out the rest with Gus, who still works for Sungard.

So I moved on to the NY audit of our personal returns. They need a copy of the return (which is dumb, why don't they just use the one I FILED?!?!?), and I had to complete a non-resident audit questionnaire. That was easy until I got to the last page. When they wanted to know how many days or partial days we physically worked in NY, and how many days or partial days we were physically in NY but not working.

Who has this information? It took me several hours to piece it together, but I got it done. I used credit card statements, and my old Palm Pilot desktop calendar. The calendar was incomplete since my Palm Pilot was stolen that year and I stopped using it in September. And I only had a few months of the corporate AMEX statements so I don't know if I missed business trips for Terry. But I pieced together the year as best as I could, it's not like the auditors would be able to do any better if they requested the same source documents.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to printing out a copy of the return. Or maybe if I find a hard copy I'll just take it to Kinko's and get it copied there. With the ink problems I'm having with my home printer, it might be faster. Then at least I'll be done with the first step of the audit for our personal returns.