Beautiful Fall Day

William and I enjoyed the beautiful fall weather today! We started our outing by going to a lunch with my old coworkers from AMVEST, who were all happy to meet William. He ate nearly my entire plate of mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie.

I ran into another friend while shopping after lunch, and had an interesting conversation about being a stay-at-home-mom with daycare. It hadn't occurred to me until another friend asked me if I was considering it. It would be helpful to have some free time during the day, and I'm not sure where to find a daytime baby-sitter since the ones I know are in school. I suppose a lot depends on whether or not I can find someplace I'm comfortable with nearby in Crozet, and how much it will cost. I've got too much going on to look into right now, and it's the sort of thing I might have forgotten about by the time I do have some free time.

After shopping, it was time to feed William again and since it was a beautiful day I took him to the park. He ate quickly, then spent the rest of the hour playing. I pushed him higher and faster on the swing than he's gone before, since he's sitting better now and I'm less afraid he'll flop over. But mostly he just got some tummy time rolling around on the blanket and watching the older kids run around all over the place.

I was tired by the time we came home, but Terry was still trying to clean the garage, so I continued to watch William and he was too fussy for me to cook dinner, so Terry cooked. He tried to make something with ingredients I had planned for another meal, with the result that now we won't get the good meal that I planned, and tonight's dinner was kind of weird. But as bad as he cooks, he's even less able to help William sleep, so it's a lose-lose situation for me. I usually opt to keep the baby from screaming his head off and taking my chances with whatever Terry tries to cook, since I can't concentrate on cooking when I hear William screaming himself hoarse upstairs when Terry tries to get him to sleep.

Since SYTYCD isn't on a two-night schedule yet, I took this TV-less evening to continue preparing documents for the corporate audit. I'm just waiting on workpapers from our old tax accountants, then I can burn the CD and get that in the mail. Then I can get busy on finishing gathering the info for our personal audit. And now I ALSO got a notice from Virginia about my 2008 taxes. They claim I underwithheld, but they're wrong, so I have to call the department and straighten it out. Less of a hassle than an audit, but it will still probably take me several hours to get it resolved, unless I can talk to a supervisor right away.