William Plays Well Independently

Sometimes when Terry complains about William needing constant attention, it's like we have two different babies. If by "constant attention" Terry really means "more attention than my employees needed" then it's true (well, most employees. . .).

But I've been watching William almost all day (I did get one hour to trade this morning) since it's Terry's birthday AND he's not feeling well, and William has been great. He napped reasonably well this afternoon, he was content to be carried in the front-pack when I baked Terry a pie this morning, and again when I was preparing dinner this evening. Now we're upstairs and he's playing on his mat. I even went to sit by him, and he pretty much ignored me to focus on un-nesting some cups, so I left him alone.

I've also been transitioning William to the big potty, so I don't even have to clean the little pot when he's done. Just flush, like an adult. I rinse him off with a squirt bottle, so I just have to pat dry with toilet paper. It's all very convenient. Although today he got way too clever and grabbed himself as he was peeing, and realized he could direct the stream. All over the bathroom. I made sure neither to laugh nor get mad (although it was pretty funny he was so surprised with the result), since I don't want to encourage that behavior with extra attention, nor do I want to make him feel like he can't grab it to aim since he's going to have to eventually when he stands.

I'm going to have to try carrying William on my back, since cooking is problematic with him in front. It's too hazardous to take things in or out of the oven with him in front of me, and my arms aren't long enough to keep things on the counter out of his reach when I'm preparing them. Carrying him in a sling or pack or whatnot while I do things around the house (as long as I'm not sitting still, that's the big deal-killer) lets me keep him entertained without actually having to do anything in particular to entertain him. But there are fewer and fewer things I can do with him in front of me as he gets bigger. And he's almost 18 pounds, so it's tiring for my back, also. I don't know if carrying the weight on my back will be easier, but at least it will give the current muscles I'm using a break.