Cold Lowering My Morale

This cold we all picked up at the doctor's on Monday is really taking its toll on my morale. My throat was so sore this morning that I had to use a spray on it. It's not so bad tonight, and my cough is getting better, so hopefully the cold has about run its course.

Terry agrees with me that after this experience, we will NOT take William in for his 12-month follow-up appointment. It's ludicrous to take a baby in to see a doctor when they're well, and then catch a cold from being at the doctor's office. We'll probably still take him to his 18-month follow-up, since the doctors said that is the one where they can do meaningful tests. So the 12-month is superfluous anyway as long as William is acting right.

I think I heard of some doctor around here who makes house calls. I should look into that. We have an appointment set up with our family doctor to get William immunized on Monday. But since we're all just getting over a cold, I don't know that I want to risk that again right away. Maybe we'll all just wear masks and gloves. If Terry won't, I will anyway. And I'll let Terry know that if he doesn't, I will NOT take care of him when he gets sick. I'm not sure if William will wear a mask, I doubt it. He doesn't seem too put off by his cold, though. His cough is exactly as bad as mine, and while he was more fussy yesterday, he was cheerful today.

Unlike me. Definitely NOT cheerful. Part of it is the cold, true, but the other is the @#$@ taxes. I spent several hours filling out Virginia Form 760C to mitigate the underpayment penalty I was assessed, and writing a letter to protest the assessment. It is a bit of a nuisance having an irregular income stream throughout the year, since it wreaks havoc with estimated payment calculations. And I just found out that Virginia calculates their annualization differently than the Federal government. Great. Just what I need, to have to keep track of two different annualization schedules.

The nice weather didn't even cheer me up. I was in such a bad mood I didn't want to go outside, so Terry suggested I watch a funny movie. We had the Will Farrell flick Semi-Pro from Netflix, so I watched that this afternoon. I didn't think it was as funny as Terry did, although it was a decent diversion.