Cat Jail

Letting Fenway go outside hasn't worked out as well as we'd hoped. For one, it's been raining out a lot so Fenway hasn't been enjoying his time outdoors that much, although at least he's not being attacked. Secondly, when we do let him in, the other cats are back to attacking him, and he's back to spraying in the house.

Terry found a description of a method someone else used to make their cats get along that involved "cat jail". They kept the warring cats in the same room for 3-4 weeks, the aggressor in a crate (cat jail). Then they'd let the cats out in the same room, and if they fought, the aggressor (whichever it was that time) got put back in cat jail. So they had to habituate to living together without being able to fight. So I ordered a cat jail. It's marketed as a cat playpen, but whatever. It's a cage with ledges on the sides and a large door so you can get the litter pan in and out easily. Rambo will probably be the first resident. I guess we'll use the sewing room and see how that works. The cage should be delivered later this week. The email said it would arrive tomorrow, but I don't see how that would be possible, I just ordered it this afternoon.