Sold FXP, Signed Will Up For Experiments

So FXP did break the sell setup so I got out at 3:57pm. I made over 7% on that trade in 15 days, so I'm happy with that.

The Nasdaq did NOT break the pattern, so I held the inverse ETF for that. But the buy setup will either complete tomorrow, or fail. Either way, I'll probably be selling the QID. I'll probably make close to 7% on that trade also.

I got a call this afternoon from the Child Development Lab at UVA, to see if I wanted to put William in an experiment. I said sure. We go tomorrow and next Wednesday also. She told me the gist of it, and William will sit in my lap and they'll show him video clips of people walking or crawling and animals walking/crawling and then photos of people and animals. They'll videotape his reactions to the clips so they can determine what he's most interested in. It seems harmless, and William just loooves to watch TV, so he'll probably like it.

William is also going to have his first babysitter experience tomorrow. One of our neighbors babysits, so we hired her to come over tomorrow night. We'll stay home, but we'll see if she's able to put William to bed, or at least to keep him happy until 9pm. We'll go downstairs and possibly try to enjoy a nice meal at home without choking down our food in five minutes so we won't be hungry when William wakes up screaming and one of us has to go back upstairs. Although I don't know how relaxing it will be if we can hear Will screaming, even if we don't have to go attend to him. And if she can get the kid to bed without any screaming, I'm tempted to hire her for multiple nights a week. As often as her mother would let me. Since he almost always screams for Terry and me.