Psychology Study Was Good Diversion

William enjoyed his outing to the psychology lab. We left right after I breastfed him, we didn't have time to eat solids before the study.

When we arrived, a researcher (young woman) gave William a toy to play with (a box with holes in it that you put different shaped cubes into), and played with him while I filled out forms. William was very interested in the toy and was enjoying himself.

When we got into the experiment room itself, he was a little squirmy. I had to hold him on my lap with my eyes closed (so he wouldn't take any cues from me about which image to look at). Then they projected a pair of images, one woman face and one kitten face, onto the wall. They videotaped William so they can see which he looked at more. The screens alternated positions of the animal and human, and used different animals on different screens (I saw some them after the experiment ended). Between these image screens, William saw a black screen with little white dots scrolling up erratically.

When the experiment was over, William got to pick out a toy-- he chose a purple ball. I'm glad he picked that one, since the cats accidentally pierced his last ball with their claws so now he's got another to play with, although the new one is smaller.

We go back next week. I also agreed to participate him in another study that measures blink response, but the scheduling might not work out for that, we'll see. We still go back next week for part 2 of this first study.

I decided to not press my luck by extending the outing into his naptime, so I headed home. I stopped at Bellair Market to get a sandwich for myself, and to feed William his baby sauce. They had a high chair, so it was reasonably easy to feed him, and we didn't make much mess. He fell asleep on the way home, right at his 1pm naptime. I was glad that went well.