William Failed Babysitter 101

The babysitting trial didn't go off swimmingly. William played nicely for the first 30 minutes, but then screamed pretty much nonstop for the next 90 minutes. We relieve the poor girl after 2 hours since that's about how long it would take us to go out to dinner in Crozet and come back.

I came up after he'd been yelling for 30 minutes, to give her a few tips. He calmed down when I was in the room, although I made sure I didn't pick him up or hold him, he had to realize that his sitter was the one going to put him to bed.

But shortly after I left, he started screaming again. It wasn't a frantic scream, more like he was just hollering because he was unhappy, not afraid or anything.

Terry had a harder time listening to him yell than I did, I had to stop him many times from going upstairs. Fortunately after a little while we were able to turn on the World Series downstairs and drown out the yelling.

Of course, after the two hours was up and Terry and I went upstairs to relieve the sitter, William immediately stopped his fussing and was all smiles. While we were downstairs eating dinner, I reminded Terry that getting a sitter was for OUR sake, not William's. He screams for us at bedtime, and we need a break. That's why we pay the sitter, so someone else can deal with a screaming baby for a few hours while we get out.

I don't know whether we should look for a more experienced sitter (this one is a high school student), or just stick with this one until William gets used to her. But he's going to have to learn to deal with babysitters at some point, we're not going to be able to tote him along to dinner parties with us forever.