Braising Beef, Waiting For Cate

I had invited Cate down for the weekend some time ago, but hadn't heard back. But she called today to see if it was still alright to come. Of course!

Unfortunately, I didn't get her message until near rush hour in Baltimore, and if she waited until after rush hour through the DC metro area to come down, she'd be arriving here very late, and she wasn't keen on driving alone on unfamiliar dirt roads late at night. I don't blame her. So we'll see her tomorrow morning. Yay!

Beef spare ribs were on sale at the Whole Foods my last trip there, so I got some and I'm braising them tonight. Terry is out at the movie festival, so I don't have to worry about him bugging me about what time dinner will be ready. I started browning the meat before William's nap, but had to stop preparing the meal before that was even done to feed him and get him to sleep since he was getting fussy. But he's napping well now, and I finished up and have the dish in the oven. It'll take at least 90 minutes to cook, maybe more, I don't know. I haven't braised short ribs before, we'll see how it goes.