My Spring Clothes

My plan from yesterday worked! I got up early this morning, finished reading the book club book, then showered, dressed, and was ready to go shopping before I had to move the car at 10:00am. I decided to go to the Loehmann's in Paramus and was there by 10:30am. I started in the Back Room. My methodology was to visit each rack and try on everything that met my criteria. My criteria?

The garment:

  • seems to be my size
  • does not have cap sleeves
  • does not have puffy sleeves
  • does not have epaulets
  • has either a V or scoop neck
  • is not belted
  • has a color or print I like
  • is made of a fabric I like

I picked up as many items as I could carry, then tried them on. Kept only the garments that were perfect. I tried on clothes from 10:30am through 7:00pm with only a short lunch break. I probably tried on over 100 items. I came home with: a denim skirt, linen pants that need to be taken in a bit at the waist, a beige knit pleated skirt, a coral tank sweater, a purple tunic sweater, a black knit top, and assorted undergarments. Since this is my only day designated for shopping, that's going to have to suffice for my spring wardrobe.

I've gained so much weight I don't even want to think about what size everything is, it's mortifying. But on the other hand, it had to be done. Since I look much better in clothes that fit properly rather than clothes straining to hold their seams, even if the clothes that fit are, um, beyond large. And I discovered I went up a cup size. That was unexpected. It's a large size, yet I don't consider myself to be particularly well-endowed, so it puzzles me. Yet it's the only size that fits, so it's true. I'm in the process of changing my self-image, you'll have to give me a moment. . .