So Much Fun With Three

Cate arrived early Saturday afternoon, and we've all been having a very good time. I must say that Terry and I like having another adult around to amuse William. This might inspire us to take on a border. Or maybe an au pair. Or better yet, just convince Cate to move in with us. She's freelancing now, she might be able to leave Baltimore and keep her gig.

Our big amusement of this afternoon was watching William enjoy eating an orange. He really was eating with gusto, got orange all over his shirt, diaper cover, blanket, you name it. He ate pork barbecue for breakfast this morning, but I was the only one up to enjoy that. I got a big kick out of it-- I thought it might be too stringy for him, but he didn't choke on it at all, he just ate it up.

I made an Indian chicken/potato/curry dish for lunch today, with rice. I'll pop it into the blender for William to eat tomorrow. I was going to give it to him for dinner tonight, but he was so into eating orange slices, we just went with that and let him fill up on orange.

Cate is able to stay another night, so we're off to Bunko in a little while. Maybe one of us will get to wear the tiara!!