Bleh Weather Makes Me Feel Bad

I've been feeling kind of bleh ever since Cate left us to go home to Baltimore. It certainly hasn't helped that the weather has turned rainy and cold since then, too. It was beautiful all weekend while she was here-- we were able to hang out on the porch or out in the yard. I probably should have started to sit in front of my sun lamp by now, but I haven't figured out how to work it in to my morning routine. I'm up with William from 7-9am and it would be hard to get it done then, but maybe I'll bring the lamp upstairs to where I do my trading, and then I could get my 15 minutes of sun in the morning. It's not exactly first thing when I wake up, but it will hopefully still be therapeutic. Unfortunately, there is no room for the lamp in the room right now. I've got all the Rock Band equipment in there, and haven't cleaned up from when I did the taxes. I've asked Terry for help, he cleans and organizes way faster than me.

I've taken care of William most of the day for several days now, and it looks like Terry prefers that than an even split. I'm actually fine with more childcare hours if Terry puts in more cleaning hours instead of just gardening and recording. The laundry is ridiculous, and we need to swap out the summer clothes for winter clothes. Not to mention the general picking up and organizing that needs to be done. It's all been neglected for seven months now and I'm starting to get all crazy about the clutter.

I didn't get around to choosing our clothes for the photo on Saturday, so I'll have to do that tomorrow. But tomorrow there is a sale on sewing machines and I also wanted to go get a serger. I'm not very efficient, I am worried that I won't be able to get both done. I'll call the shop in the morning-- if the sale isn't on the machine I want, it's no big deal and I don't have to go into town tomorrow.

Fenway has been in cat jail for about a week now. I took him out this morning to brush him and clip his claws, and when I was done he sat on the footstool for a little while, and I thought he'd settle in, but instead he ran and hid under the couch. For many hours. Not a great re-introduction to Rambo, so Terry eventually was able to get him and put him back in his cage.

I mentioned the cat jail at Amy's party over the weekend, and Cate protested that it was a really luxurious cage as far as cat cages go, so we joked that Fenway has a really sweet white-collar prison. Sounds about right. Terry thought that the current plan failed just because Fenway and Rambo weren't re-integrated after a week. I explained that it could take 6-8 weeks to get them sociable again, and I didn't intend for Fenway to be out in the room so long. I really thought he'd just be out for his grooming then maybe 15 more minutes hanging out, but he freaked out and hid. I was taking care of William, so I couldn't be bothered trying to fetch the cat from under the sofa, so we did go "off plan" for the rest of the day which wasn't good, but we're doing what we can.

Trading has been going alright. I sold GLD today-- my profit target was $105-ish but the sell pattern completed today so I got out at $108. I'm pretty happy with that. Unfortunately, the USO (oil) isn't doing much, it seems to be in a consolidating pattern. I haven't been stopped out, but neither have I made much profit. Hopefully it will break to the upside, but it's hard to say. It's in the middle of the pattern-- if the sell pattern completes I should come out at least a little ahead.

I'm still waiting to either get long or short. The technical signals are still diverging big-time from price, so I I'm not sure it's a good idea to go long if I'm only trading 2 hrs per day. It would be a risky trade, but probably do-able if I were able to concentrate on it. I'll check the charts again tomorrow, if I recall correctly I might be ready to go short on the Russell 2000 index. Small-cap stocks generally lead the market; they were the first to rally, and it appears they will be the first to complete a good short setup.

I'm very interested to see what gold will do next. It could pull back and have another leg up (although I don't think the highs would be much higher than we've already seen), or it could begin its correction. It's due for a decent correction-- it could get back down to the $800s per ounce. But I might start buying once it hits the 900s. If it does get down to the $800s, I'll probably pick up some physical gold coins to have on hand. Terry and I are both a little paranoid that way. But I'll also get silver because from a practical standpoint if fiat money becomes problematic it will be easier to deal with smaller units than is available with gold. If it only gets down to the $900s, I'll still load up on the GLD ETF, but might not get coins. There'll be some time for me to decide, my weekly charts say there are still at least 4 more weeks for the metal price to go up. Although I sold today since the daily charts show we're poised for a pullback. I'd be very content to wait a few days for it to return to $101 to buy and sell it in a week or two back up around $108 (or even $105 if it gets stuck on lower resistance).