Convenient Photographer Illness

The cold is probably not convenient for the photographer that was supposed to come out to take some family photos for us this afternoon, but it's convenient for me.

Since I made the appointment, I've been carefully planning what the three of us would wear for our photo. I finally figured out William's outfit last week, after months of consideration.

Yesterday, the day before the photo shoot, Terry spills bleach all over the shirt William should have worn. And when I went to try to find a substitute outfit, I discovered that there were bleach spots over a good percentage of William's clothes. Great. Terry of course, had NO IDEA how that could have happened. It's from being clumsy with bleach, duh. His excuse is like the people who have sex and have NO IDEA how they got pregnant. Yeah, right.

When I quizzed him a little about how he used bleach, I'm not surprised by the number of clothes he ruins. He was pouring bleach from the gallon jug directly into the the little opening for it in the soap tray on our washer. OF COURSE it's going to splash all over the laundry room. It never occurred to him to 1) pour the bleach over the sink I HAD SPECIALLY INSTALLED RIGHT NEXT TO THE WASHER into 2) a measuring cup with a pour spout (ALSO STORED RIGHT ON TOP OF THE WASHER SINCE IT WAS INSTALLED!) which he could then 3) neatly pour the correct amount into the little spot in our washer soap tray. There are so many things I take for granted that an adult would know, and he just doesn't know them.

At least William's ruined clothes will only be ruined for a few months, at which point he would have outgrown them anyway and will need new clothes. I still remember when Terry was trying to be "nice" during the first months we were married and ruined my entire summer wardrobe. I threw a large percentage of my sundresses and other summer clothes UNDER the clothes hamper (it was on a frame, so there was room underneath on the floor) because they needed to go to the dry cleaners. Terry had never dry-cleaned anything except suits, so he figured I just had them on the floor because I ran out of room in the hamper at some point. So he washed them all. Nothing was salvageable. I think I did get some cash for a few of the dresses when I took them to a consignment shop-- while the water didn't ruin a few things, they certainly shrunk quite a bit. Great for a short woman who wouldn't have to have them hemmed, not great for me since they only fit BEFORE Terry got to them. And I was in a foul mood the rest of the summer when we had an event to attend because we were in Charlottesville and I couldn't find nice replacement dresses so late in the season.

Since Terry ruined just about every nice piece of clothing William has that fits (there are casual clothes unscathed, but it's not what I want for the photo), I was resigned to spending my morning driving into town, shopping for clothes for William, and hurrying home in time to get everyone ready before the photographer showed up. But I'm glad I checked my email before I left the house, because the woman emailed to reschedule since she was sick today.

We'll now get the photo taken 11/28. This will give me plenty of time to get new clothes. I may have to get new clothes for all of us, since it will be colder then and we'll need something warm for outdoor photos. I guess I can scope out some likely locations in the yard, too, and maybe figure out where in the house might make a good picture in case it's too cold and dreary when the day arrives. It is a bit of a shame that it couldn't be today, emergency shopping needed or no, because it was 75F and beautiful and sunny here. Perhaps it will be sunny in a few weeks, too. Or better yet, snowing. THAT would be fun.