Baby Caveman Shoes

The Robin Hood shoes are officially retired, Will actually wore a hole in one toe. I picked up a variety of non-raveling fabrics last time I was at the super wal-mart in waynesboro, but only in the past few days have I gotten around to using them.

I was just guessing at the new size when I made the current pattern, so I didn't bother making "serious" shoes. Instead, I had some fun making caveman shoes. Fortunately, they fit well enough (although for his next pair, I'll probably make left & right shoes instead of a unifoot pair). William actually likes these quite a bit, he's a fan of the fake fur. I don't think he has an opinion about the leopard print. . .

I definitely want to make some fur boots for him, how cute will it be to have fur boots laced up his little baby legs? But I also need some ordinary shoes. I have some navy blue fleece I'll probably use next. Maybe adjust the pattern to make them look like sneakers to wear with his jeans and sweatpants.