Merlin and the Mice

Terry was out to dinner with friends last night when Merlin came into the upstairs lounge with a mouse for me. Fortunately, he hadn't hurt the mouse since he had just caught it and hadn't really begun his roughhousing. I went to get the mouse from him, but he took it in his mouth and ran downstairs. We chased the mouse all over the parlor, and then when Merlin had him cornered in the dining room I was able to step in and rescue the mouse. It wasn't hurt, so I put it out the front door and it scurried off. It occurred to me later that I probably should have placed it considerably further from the house so it wouldn't try to get back in, but I didn't want to walk out in the fields at night leaving William alone upstairs.

Tonight, Merlin caught another mouse. Or the same one, I don't know. But this time the mouse didn't fare so well. By the time Merlin trotted into my room with it I could tell it was injured. Luckily for me, our resident mouse euthanizer was home. Terry takes the mice out and gives them one mighty stomp to put them out of their misery after the cats get them.

It happens every fall-- when the weather starts to turn, all kinds of critters try to get into the warm house, and some succeed. Unfortunately for them, the cats will then get them. With three cats in the house, unauthorized critters don't last long, be they crickets or mice or anything else. The mice Merlin caught recently were little gray mice. They're a nuisance but they don't freak me out like the giant field mice we had one year. Those things were as big as hamsters, but the cats took care of them.