Shopping Wears Me Out

I'm so tired. Shopping just wears me out, and I wasn't even trying things on today. I was pretty disciplined, I only bought baby clothes. It took a while since I was looking for matching outfits; 2T and 0-3 sizes for boys for my nephew and his brother-to-be, and 2T and double 0-3 sizes for my niece and her twin sisters-to-be. I tried to get some outfits that would coordinate so the older kids would look nice with the infants in the inevitable family photos that will be demanded and circulated once all the babies are born. I've got to imagine that neither Cindy nor Kristen has time for that kind of shopping, each around 7 mos pregnant and with a toddler running around.

I picked up some extra newborn items since some of my friends are expecting, it's nice to have some gifts on hand so I don't have to shop in Charlottesville. Shopping in C'ville isn't even that bad anymore, but I've less and less patience for the drive into town. From the farm, it takes me around 30 minutes to get to the WalMart or Rio Hill shopping center, 45 minutes to the Target shopping center, and about 25 minutes to Barracks Road shopping center. It's about an hour and a half out to Short Pump west of Richmond. Counter that with the drive times while I'm staying at the NJ apartment: 10 minutes to WalMart, 20 minutes to Ikea / Babies R Us / Jersey Gardens outlet mall, 20 minutes to the shopping mecca that is Paramus (several really nice malls plus Loehmann's), 25 minutes out to Wayne (there's a Loehmann's and Fortunoff's out there in addition to a regular mall). So it's just way more convenient to shop here. Better stores, closer, lower prices.

It's about 45 minutes via public transport to midtown Manhattan shopping (< 20 minutes by car midday, although parking is exorbitant if I drive in on a weekday). Although frankly if I'm going to spend 45 minutes getting to a shopping destination I'd prefer to go out to Short Hills Mall. They've got all the Madison Ave retailers, the same merchandise (or better) selection, and NO SALES TAX. That saves 8 3/4% right there. Plus ample parking (I think they even have valet parking, which I would use if I couldn't easily find a parking spot and I was in a hurry, but since I have the luxury of shopping on weekdays it's rarely a problem), which is key if I plan on buying a lot of things, who wants to schlep it all home on the train or a bus? I generally only shop in the city if I'm going to be in Manhattan anyway for another reason. And even then I prefer to limit my shopping to small items (books, makeup, jewelry, etc.) that are easy to tote around. Carrying bags of clothes and shoes is a drag, and unless I'm shopping at Century 21 it's not convenient for me to drop anything off at Terry's office.

But I shopped for over 4 hours including drive time, and I'm tired now. Tomorrow I once again have shopping on the agenda, but clothes shopping for myself this time. I've gained quite a bit of weight since last spring and my clothes from last year don't fit. I might be able to lose the weight by summer, but since I've put away all my "thin" clothes my closet is looking pathetically bare for spring, so I'll try to fix that. I don't need much, just a tailored business-y outfit, a church dress, a dinner dress, a lunch dress or separates, and maybe a few blouses. I purposefully parked in a spot across the street that becomes illegal at 10am as motivation for me to get up early and get out the door in the morning. Then I can shop, rest for lunch, shop somewhere else if need be, and return home before dinner. Or continue shopping if I'm really desperate, but I think I'll be able to find what I need in one day.

Tonight I'm going to play my turns on Scrabulous then turn off my computer and try to finish "Water for Elephants" since it's the book we're discussing on Friday evening, and I'd like to be done by then.